While your in-person fundraising is on hold, raise some dough today with The Good Crust.

COVID-19 has put a damper on your fundraising options. The Good Crust offers discounted pizza kits or case boxes of dough for your organization to resell to your supporters. It's the ideal product for you to offer with a contactless payment option and safe drive-thru pickup. Now you can support your organization and support a local business at the same time.

How the Raising Dough program works.


Choose the product that's best for your organization's goals.

We've done the work for you to maximize your organization's fundraising goals. You pick between boxes of dough or premade pizza kits. Our customers choose boxes of dough when they want to sell fried dough, pizza-by-the-slice, or garlic flatbreads with their own equipment. Premade pizza kits are best for organizations that want to mobilize quickly.


Set the date for your fundraising event.

As soon as our team knows what your goals are and how much dough you'll need, we'll get to work preparing The Good Crust.


Pickup your frozen order at the Main Grains' Dry Goods Shop in Skowhegan, ME.

Just bring your receipt, and a Maine Grains' sales associate will assist with your order.

Loved by nonprofit leaders like you.

Heather Kerner

Lake George Regional Park

"It’s easy for our supporters to drive-thru and pick up a beautiful meal to prepare at home. Our first fundraiser raised more than $800 in just two hours of volunteer work. The Raising Dough Program is the perfect fundraising vehicle because we’re not hanging out until midnight washing dishes and linens."

Cricket Blouin

Readfield Union Meeting House

"It gave us the visiblity we have been missing for the past year. Thanks to Heather's willingness to pay it forward with computer assistance it made the process much simpler. Ben's efforts and expertise moved the process along quickly so the next time it's even easier."

Raise some dough for your organization with The Good Crust.

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